You have 50 or 50 000 followers on your website or social medias? Whatever, you are welcome to our affiliate program!

It’s 100% free!

Start to sell MORE all around the world in 3 easy steps!

1. Create an account

Create an account to start with our affiliate program. After you have configure it, you get a link and you are ready!

2. Share your link

It’s so easy to promote your link, you just have to paste it anywhere you want! You can use a QR code or a url shortener.

3. Earn money

We offer to get 10% of commission on each order that will be completed by your contacts!


What are my commissions?

We offer, at start, to get 10% of commission on each order that will be completed by your contacts.

If you sell a lot of our product, we will raise your commissions to 20%

How you pay me?

When you have money in your MORE wallet, you can transfer your money in your Paypal account whenever you want.

* The Paypal fees are at your own charge.


What are my discounts on my personal purchases?

By becoming an affiliate member you automatically have the opportunity to get a 20% of discount on an regular price purchases.

* Your discount is not combinable with a promotion in progress.

Where can I see all my activities?

When you log on your account, you have access to a control panel that gives you the opportunity to see the stats about total earnings, total paid, total refunded, balance of gains, visits and conversion rate.

You can also see the other sections like your  commissions, the clicks of your contacts, your refunds, your links and your settings.

How the link system works?

It’s very simple to get or create a link, you have to go to the generate link section into the control panel.

If you want to create a custom link, you can easily create it by copying an existing url into MORE and then you can send your contacts directly to the products, blogs or the pages desired in MORE.

URL shortener:
If you want to shrink your url, we advise you to use or an another url shortener of your choice.

QR code:
You can also generate a link in a QR code that will allow you to quickly share with your contacts in all QR code scanner.

QR code generator

What are the best ways to share?

There are a thousand and one ways to share on the Internet. We offer you here the most impactful ways possible according to the experience of our analysts.

Share where you want: blogs, forums, websites, social networks, groups, pages, private messages, comments, emails, sms and all other places.

1) The best way is to share your link directly to your friends in private message.

2) Paste the link directly on your social networks and they will automatically analyze your url you will then have to convince your audience. Use the best hashtags possible.

3) Create your own publications with our content, see next how you can get it.

Get informations about products:
If you want to directly share a product, you must copy the exact name into the description page and save his image directly on this page.

Save image on computer (right click on mouse + save as)
Save image on mobile or tablet (Go to menu + save as)

* Do not forget to generate your link to promote.

4) Get inspired by our publications on our Instagram, stay connected. You can publish our publications and set your link or your hashtags.

You can also connect your Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr account and share on all in one click!